Episode 67: Gods’ Monster Truck

This episode the crew are transported to the stark Icelandic landscape by the mysterious film “I Remember You”, about a missing child and his fathers attempts to find him. Scott then discusses the newly remastered and released from Arrow Video spaghetti western “A Pistol for Ringo”, in which a hopscotch playing, quick drawing cowboy saves a town from bandits at Christmas time. We also talk about time travellers attending funerals, the recently announced F.E.A.R. film adaptation, the Suspira remake release date, angels in the parking lot, film walkouts, the Guillermo del Toro helmed horror anthology series and more. The episode is of course closed off with a few rounds of Whole Hog featuring a Witcher, an android and a sadistic poet.


Party Crowd 2” by Kolezan is licensed under CC BY 3.0
Bong Hit” by OnionEye is licensed under CC BY 3.0
Breath in and out Cigarette” by OnionEye is licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0
Metal Loop” by thunderstorm10 is licensed under CC BY 3.0
Scream 1” by TheSubber13 is licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0


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