Trying Cinnamon Bun Oreos & Lester’s Fixin’s Dill Pickle Soda Pop (Video)

The crew started including gross novelty foods on the DIAG podcast over a year ago, and have taken their Dr. Dreadful show on the road and decided to try out the old classic combination of Cinnamon Bun Oreos dunked in Lester’s Fixin’s Dill Pickle Soda Pop.

“I don’t know” clip from ASTRON-6’s “Divorced Dad Show”, episode 4 –
“My Sis”


The song used in this video is “NiS” by Déhà and is used with permission from Déhà.

“Woman Screaming” & “Ice In Glass 1” sounds by

Drunk In A Graveyard art is all created by Cablz (Barfomet + Crush Beers)
Drunk In A Graveyard outro bumper created by Lone Wolf Productions

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