First Impressions Vol 3: Human Cull, Old Man Wizard, Ancst, Bloodfiend, Creeping Flesh, Grim Fate, In Pain, Orgullo Nativo, Stortregn, Vomitheist, & Xenoblight


A stompin from these will leave quite the impression!

Human Cull – Revenant 
United Kingdom 
Release – June/1/2018
Artwork – 8
Intricate, slightly bizarre and ominous. Loving the bleak black and white format.
FirstTrack – 8.5
This is knock-you-down devestating trauma grindcore with all the right ingredients accounted for. Great opener!
Initial Listen – 8.5
Blunt. Technical. Tight. Surprising each track has its own identity. An ultra aggressive assault with very little time for a breather.
I’m thinking even Barney (definitely not the child lovin’ purple dinosaur) would give this two thumbs up!
Old Man Wizard – Blame it all on Sorcery 
United States 
Release – May/11/2018
Self released (Funds by way of Kickstarter)
download (1) (1)
Artwork – 8
Childlike, crude but promising especially on account of the fantasy element and depiction of a hilltop immolation.
First Track – 9
Bears somewhat an accoustic spaghetti western vibe. Unmistakably mellow removing me from my comfort zone but I’m not minding in the slightest as this is excellently crafted.
Initial Listen – 9
An enchanting, ultra-addictive listen of an album firmly rooted in influences plucked from the past but with enough presence and imagination of its own to be remembered and cherished for years to come. Very hard to catagorize. Dammit… just enjoy it instead!
This needs to be experienced with no preconceptions. 
AoTY material for sure.
Stortregn – Emptiness Fills the Void
Release – May/25/2018
Non Serviam Records 
Artwork – 8.5
Awesome menacing otherworldliness from metal cover god Dan Seagrave, nuff said.
First Track – 9
Amazing riffs, great pace and atmosphere. Blackened meets Viking metal and surprising enough the two play very well together. If the remainder of the album plays out the same we have a masterpiece about to be unleashed upon the unsuspecting masses.
Initial Listen – 9
Epic tracks. Infectious rhythms. Riffs and melodies nodding to both black, viking metal realms and then some. Rasped sinister vocals. And so much groove it’s hard to sit still, and let’s not forget the awe inspiring melodic guitar climax – I’m floored!
A damn fine slab of metal which will be played over and over again without complaint. Seek this gem out then take time to dive into the complete Stortregn discography.
Orgullo Nativo – Entry El Campo de Battala
Release – May/5/2018 (reissue CD – diehard edition limited to 50 copies)
Morbid Skull Records 
Artwork – 6.5
Carnage, devestation, destruction and death. A vivid image indeed!
First Track – 5
I’m sure I could appreciate this fully if I had a working knowledge of the language, alas it escapes me.
Initial Listen – 5
A little too many ‘talkie bits’ for my tastes. Though again I’ll probly garner more of an appreciation for them if I could understand the dialect. The music, much like the production, is raw and unapologetic. The riffs are fast, furious and the vocals raspy black metal in texture. This will probably grow on me in time. Perhaps I’m just not as Kvlt as I thought. There are however stand out moments. Infierno for example is a fantastic neck snappin’ track.
Reccommended for those who like their metal raw!
Creeping Flesh -In Times of War 
(14′ – 16′ demo compilation)
Release – June/22/2018
PRC Music Canada
unnamed (1)

not actual image of release 

Artwork – n/a
Image isn’t xavailable’ as of my scribblin’ this (May/1/2018)
First Track – 7.5
Has a strong God Dethroned (melodic feel) and Bolt Thrower (dirge) influence. Great riffs and rhythm that grab the attention.
Initial Listen – 6
Strong start. As the album progresses the Bolt Thrower influence becomes more prominent as too a Jungle Rot and a slight (later era) Gorefest vibe. You can hear Creeping Flesh’ style develop as this collection nears its climax which sadly isn’t quite as impressive as it’s beginning.
Melodic, mid-paced and chuggery laden riffs throughout. I’m intrigued as to the style the band will present in the immediate future.
In Pain – Summoning the Dead (EP)
Release -March/23/2018
Southcoast Productions
Artwork – 9
Yea, the whole ‘Zombie’ scene has been beaten.into an unrecognizable pulp but I still want this image emblazoned across my tits in torso hugging cotton.
First Track – 8
Entombed, Grave and Dismember worship with surprisingly clean production. A great start from an act who’ve been around since the early days of the scene.
Initial Listen – 8
Delivers throughout. ‘Gothenburg’ all the way without stepping on the better known acts toes.
Great vocal style, riffage and plenty of groove and although it brings nothing new to the scene it’s calibre demands it be heard.
Grim Fate – Emerging From the Crypt (EP)
Release – March/26/2018
Chaos Records
Artwork – 5
A little generic, let’s hope the music is better.
First Track – 8
Somewhere between (Bolt Thrower’s) Realm of Chaos and War Master is where this style resides. Dense, unhurried dirge slathered riffage. Bludgeoning death of the old school variety.
Initial Listen – 8.5
The EP only gets better and better as it plays out.
Anyone yearning for bludgeoning grindcore/death need search no longer. Grim Fate deliver like a unstoppable carnage machine. Highly recommended!!
Ancst – Ghosts of the Timeless Void
Release – March/2/2018
Lifeforce Records 
Artwork – 6.5
A timeless classic image but I’m not entirely sure what its supposed to mean. Are the band crusaders? Do they have an agenda?
First Track – 7
Hardly the style that is described, more ‘thrash/melodic death/black metal’  than ‘blackened crust’ with vocals leaning toward the hardcore arena. Regardless still utterly enjoyable and a great introduction to the album.
Initial Listen – 7.5
An adrenaline fueled ride from start to finish with very little break in pacing (apart from the post/progressive and epic vibe Dysthymia offers) bolstered by an impressive break neck paced drum assault and majestic black metal cresting melodies. Catchy and as the band name suggests ‘angst’ ridden with venom spat vocals. Overall a great album seething with morals and lyrics based on standing firm against social injustice in its many forms. Rhythms, riffs and excellently crafted melodies keep the repeatability factor high.
A great introduction to the band and their addictive style. No matter your views on the podium on which they preach.
Vomitheist – Graveyard Flesh Orgy (EP)
Release – April/20/2018
Artwork – 6.5
Raw, filthy and unpolished (could you expect anything less based on the bands name?) perhaps an indication of the music on offer?
First Track – 7
Buzzsaw grind. Grabs you by the throat and tosses you around like a ragdoll. Has a fantastic vintage aura.
Initial Listen – 7.5
Overall a great album although some tracks standout a great deal more than others the album succeeds in giving off an old school vibe with its sound, ‘feel’ and approach.
Warning…this album grows on you the more you allow it to assault your senses. Raw and unopologetic just like death metal is supposed to be!
Bloodfiend – Damnation From the Deep
Release – December/1/2017
Disembodied Records 
Artwork – 8.5
Creepy and highly reminiscent of Sinbad and assorted other claymation movies from the 50/60’s. Consider me curious indeed!
First Track – 8.5
Raw and catchy. Ultra-heavy old school and Master influence. Drum rhythms lead the charge accompanied by riffs that’ll tickle your excitement inciting grins and movement aplenty. An fn’ amazing start!
Initial Listen – 8.5
How is it I’ve never heard of Bloodfiend until now? This is praise worthy audio that brings to mind a slew of influence (ranging from Celtic Frost to Bloodbath) though never an inkling of plagiarism. Each track has its own identity, the album boasts a wide variety of pace and there’s groove to spare. To top it all off there’s even an excellent cover of To Asgaard We Fly by Unleashed. This would be a great choice to add to an already impressive collection – Highly Recommended!!!
Xenoblight – Procreation 
Release – February/8/2018
Artwork – 9
Complex, intricate and bursting with ‘cosmic importance’. I could stare at this image for hours.
First Track – 8.5
An amazing classical themed intro leads into a fluid and ultra-addictive percussion attack. Many a genre influence introduces itself (technical thrash and blackened death cheif among them) as the track plays out only whetting the appetite for the remainder of the album. A perfect mix of melody, darkness and aggression.
Initial Listen – 9
Xenoblights style stretches across many a genre without laying down roots in any particular one, bringing to mind acts such as Yyrkon (France), Breathless (Spain), Revocation (US) and even in instances later era Death (US). The vocal style is reminiscent of Arch Enemys’ finest hour with their previous vocalist. Boasting intriguing rhythm structures translating to riffs aplenty, impressive vocals (a lady that grunts and growls up there with the best of the fellas), and inciting movement throughout this is an album that demands attention from fans across the metal spectrum including those of the tech arena, blackened symphonic landscape and the neck snappin’ lightning paced speed scene. It’s highly likely this will feature prominently in my 18′ best of the year list!
Support them here
Just try to keep still to this amazing collection of tracks. I’ll be keeping tabs on this bunch of talented folks, and am very excited for their future! (If you’re reading this guy’s I’d love an opportunity to toss you a slew of inane questions).
Well, that’s about it for another entry. Until next time keep your ear to the ground and your eye on the scene (whatever that means!)
Your slave to audio diverse, grotesque, obscene and often audio so damn fast it could melt your in-laws into piles of unrecognizable goo.

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