First Impressions Vol 2: Coltsblood, Axia, Kolossor, Crone, Nekrokraft, Trevor’s Head, Nomad, Abolishment of Flesh, Hekate & Hostia


Audio that’ll hit you like a freight train and leave a mark

 More often than not the very first time you encounter something you immediately have an idea as to whether you A) like it, B) want to continue to be in its presence (admittedly some things grow on us over time) or C) you want to be as far away as humanely possible from the item in question lest your last meal make itself known to your immediate surroundings in a turbo charged manner accompanied by a guttural bestial-esque chorus.
Consider the following my brutally honest impressions upon a diverse lineup of recent releases plucked from various corners of the extreme music arena. Although also have in mind these opinions are my own and yours may not nessisarly be the same.
First up to tickle my audio catching flesh draped flaps…
Coltsblood – Ascending into Shimmering Darkness
United Kingdom
Release – May/1/2018 (double vinyl gatefold)
Black Bow Records
Artwork – 8.5
Vivid, stark, sinister yet intricate with hidden detail. Does this hint at the style of music therein, only a listen will tell.
First Track – 8
Dense, haunting, epic and cavernous. This isn’t your normal doom, or even death for that matter. Highly immersive and dauntingly sinister.
Initial Listen – 8.5
Epic tracks displaying depth and majesty and a tip of the proverbial hat to the old school. This release covers quite the genre scope with what it’s journey offers.
Be prepared to plummet into pitch darkness only to be bludgeoned into musy when you finally connect with solid ground. Suffocating, maleovent and even at times packed with surprising groove. Give this one a chance with an open mind.
Axia – Pulverizer 
Release – April/27/2018
Selfmadegod Records
Artwork – 8.5
Vivid and indelible. Perhaps akin to the music itself?
First Track – 8.5
Blunt. Tight brutality and an interesting riff assault has my attention peaked.
Initial Listen – 7.5
A thunderous start dwindles somewhat even though the album sports somewhat of a diverse approach to the genre and a slew of tracks that sport unconventional influences.
Some high peaks and a few moments that’ll raise an eyebrow. Altogether a great effort.
Crone – Godspeed 
Release – April/13/2018
Prophecy Productions 
Artwork – 7
Hints at audio that’s perhaps a little different, deep phaps a tad artsy. Only onewsy to know for sure.
First Track – 8.5
Haunting melodic and emotional. Progressive hard rock thats pungent with Bowie and Muse vibes. Excellent start!
Initial Listen – 8
Although wildly out of my comfort zone I’m finding this hard not to appreciate. Call it a guilty pleasure but this album has grabbed my attention and held it throughout, keyboards and all.
Excellently crafted, highly melodic and experimental in theme but it works! Expand your musical horizons and give this an afternoon of your time.
Kolossor – Crown of Horns
United States
Release- April/8/2018
Sludgelord Records
Artwork – 8
Something big is lurking on the horizon, something huge and ominous.
First Track – 9
Damn impressive heavy, melodic and fluid, especially fluid and rhymic for doom, with vocals that strangely remind me of Pete from Lawnmower Deth (I’m half expecting a cover of a track with the words Satan and Trampoline in the title). The bands name suits them to a tee. The thick-as-mollasses tone is exquisite.
Initial Listen – 8.5
Admittedly the vocal style here wouldn’t fit many places but suits this album to a tee. Is there such a thing as ‘technical doom metal’? Regardless I’m liking this into dangerously addictive levels. Doom/death with a sprinkling of traditional heavy metal but an emphasis on Doom – slower melodies, huge riffs and shifting rhythm executed with precision.
Rush out, grab this and experience it on whichever format you can, it’s that impressive! Nuff said.
Hostia – s/t
Release – May/31/2018
Via Nocturna 
Artwork – 8
Gloriously gruesome.
First Track – 8
Blistering grindcore with a dual vocal attack, my heads a bouncin’.
Initial Listen – 7.5
Bludgeoning, blunt and to the point. A great mix of crust, grindcore and old school death that is sure to incite movement with its groove-laden tendencies.
A solid debut that’ll put Hostia on the grind radar!
Trevors Head – Soma Holiday 
United Kingdom 
Release -April/30/2018
APF Records 
Artwork – 6.5
I’m honestly not even sure what to make of it. Warm tones with somewhat of a tranquil aura. Will this album put me in a trancertain or put me to sleep?
First Track – 6
Perhaps I’m just not in the right mood. I remember Triclossus sounding a little different. This is obviously Desert stoner rock with Kyuss influence but displays occasional ‘spacey’, psychodelic elements. Here’s hoping this grows on me with repeated spins.
Initial Listen – 6.5
The music has appeal and it’s clear these guys are having a blast but at the moment I’m just not “getting it” altho I’m sure it’ll grow on me over time.
Distortion fuzz laden melodies, enthusiastic vocals there’s alot of fun to be had here if you’re in the mood, be it ‘green’ induced or natural.
Nekrokraft – Will o Wisp 
Release – November/16‘ (July/17‘ Stateside)
The Sign Records 
Artwork – 8
Something wicked is afoot in the deep of the forest.
First Track – 8.5
Driving riffs, melodic blackened death with excellently atmosphere. I’m hooked already!
Initial Listen – 9
Unholy wickedness in melodic form. I’ll play this again and again and again, louder each time until my neighbors get fed up of filing Police complaints and move.
The perfect complement in a collection which already houses Dissection and Necrophobic.
Nomad – Feral 
United Kingdom 
Release – May/31/2018
APF Records
Artwork – 8.5
Vivid imagery. Reminiscent of predatory vision. Is it feeding time yet?
First Track – 8
Tribal drums, a great introduction. Sludge and vocals with angst. I’m intrigued, my digits are far removed from the STOP button.
Initial Listen – 6.5
Rhythmic groove and huge riffs complemented by hardcore -esque vocals.
A solid release with a few notable standout tracks that display ingenuity and unique elements within an overwise overcrowded, uninventive scene.
Well worth a peek.
Abolishment of Flesh – Inhuman Condition 
United States
Release – April/20/2018
Unholy Anarchy Records
download (3)
Artwork – 7.5
Classic, macabre yet intricate and technical.
First Track – 8
Diabolical, fast, technical, pulverizing. A great start!
Initial Listen – 7.5
Utilizing a varied swath of influence Abolishment of Flesh deliver maniacal rhythms and a frenzied attack without stepping on better known acts coattails or repeating themselves, a varied always interesting collection of tracks.
Brutal, melodic and diabolical a fantastic effort that places AoF on the extreme metal landscape. 
Hekate – Totentanz
Release – May/18/2018
Prophecy Productions 


Artwork – 8
Intricate, classical and ancient imagery that makes one wonder where this albums  style will take them.
First Track – 8.5
Complex, soundtrack in scope. Invokes images of fantastical lands and eternal conflicts. Classical, enchanting yet also definitely folksey.
Initial Listen – 8
Admittedly outside of my normal sphere of audio interest though proven to be highly additive. Delicately crafted classical folk with elements of synth, lots of atmosphere and plenty of emotion. Very relaxing at times, mesmerizing throughout. In moments reminds me of Tiamats Wildhoney release. A great album for a long road trip.
Definitely not metal but well worthy of discovery based on its merit and effectiveness.
Moloch – The Other Side 
Release – April/30/2018
Via Nocturna 
Artwork – 7.5
Fantastical and ‘other worldly’ yet menacing. Color me curious indeed.
First Track – 8
Sinister, Gothic laden and atmospheric. Think a Dario Argento vibe with a splash of Carpenter. All that as well as the complementary guitar riff, I’m all in!
Initial Listen – 8
Effectively invokes various emotions including tension, dread and anxiety.
An exciting soundscape that takes the listener on quite the journey whilst tossing them back to nefarious cult features of yesteryear.
Recommended for fans of Perturbator, Brut and Werewolves in Siberia.
Nekrokraft – Servants 
Release – May/4/2018
The Sign Records
Artwork – 8
Diabolical and seething with intent.
First Track – 7
Driving riffs, melody, atmosphere and evil rasping lyrics…I’m listening!
Initial Listen – 8
Strong Dissection influence. Sinister riffs, great pacing and effective atmosphere in a wicked package that grabs the attention and only improves as the album plays out.
Keep an ear out for Nekrokraft, this combined with Will o Wisp (my thoughts above) prove they’re an act to keep tabs on in the blackened metal arena. 
Well that’s about it, thanks for making it this far down the ‘page’. Feel free to suggest anything you want covered and I’ll place my pondering hat on. Until next time.
Your slave to audio diverse, extreme and not even glanced at by the sheep in the mainstream.

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