NEW VIDEO! XIUHTEZCATL – “Young (ft. Nahko & Shailene Woodley)

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So I recognize that we don’t commonly post a lot of rap tracks here on the graveyard.  This isn’t a conscious choice, we simply don’t get sent a lot of rap.  That said – we love it.  This particular track blew my fucking pants off.  I really like socially conscious rap and as an indigenous woman from Canada, I recognize the importance of giving space to indigenous youth who are using their voices to speak on their lived experiences.

Xiuhtezcatl (shoo-TEHZ-caht) is an 18 year old indigenous rapper and activist and he has just released his new single, “Young” from his forth coming debut album “Break Free” and it fucking RULES.

“Young” features Nahko (from Nahko and Medicine For the People) and Shailene Woodley, and it’s a beautiful piece of spoken word poetry set to music.  I was really moved by the lines “is it just me or is it this city” and the “beautiful mess” piece.  Other lines like “screen of anxiety”, and talk about amphetamine use.  This really talked about some really important pieces and all I can say is that you really should check this out.

Xiuhtezcatl is supporting Nahko this Spring and Summer, so please catch these two powerful artists if you can.

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May 25-27 – Caliroots Fest 
June 21-July 1 – Electric Forest Fest 
August 3-5 – Arise Fest

1, Wed: Supporting Nahko, Chattanooga, TN, (The Signal)
2, Thurs: Supporting Nahko, Knoxville, TN, (Mill and Mine)
7, Tues: Supporting Nahko, Lincoln, NE, (Bourbon Theatre)
8, Wed: Supporting Nahko, Tulsa, OK, (Cain’s Ballroom)
15, Wed: Supporting Nahko, Phoenix, AX, (The Van Buren)
, Wed: Supporting Nahko, Crystal Bay, NV, (The Crystal Bay Club/Crown Room)
26, Sun: Supporting Nahko, Boise, ID, (Knitting Factory)
29, Wed: Supporting Nahko, Aspen, CO (Belly Up)
30, Thurs: Supporting Nahko, Aspen, CO (Belly Up)
31, Fri: Supporting Nahko, Bellvue, CO (Mishawaka Amphitheater)
-12, Wed: Supporting Nahko, Omaha, NE (Slowdown)

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