Gaerea Open A Portal To The Void On ‘Whispers’

Need some dark and oppressive black metal from Portugal, complete with band members rocking sigil covered hoods ala the Zodiac Killer? Sure you do. It’s Monday; we all need a little release. Gaerea deliver all of the above, playing black metal that doesn’t really stop to consider all that kvtly nonsense of the past, heading instead forward into the weird complex fringes explored by the likes of Deathspell Omega and Mgla. Blending intensity and atmosphere, ‘Whispers’ demonstrates that not only do Gaerea have impeccable taste in fashion rivaled maybe only by Portal or Ghoul, they also stand their own musically. Not content to just blast beat away into the night, ‘Whispers’ also knows when to slow things down a bit, which works to just pull you deeper into the sonic void they’re creating.

“Unsettling Whispers”, Gaerea’s debut LP will be available on June 22nd, digitally from the bands bandcamp or physically from Transending Obscurity Records.

– Scotty

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