NEW! Panic Priest Release New Retrosynth Track ‘The Holy Ghost’

You ever feel like time is a loop?  I’m asking for a friend.

I’ve been getting way into synth, synthwave, and darkwave lately, and it’s really proving to me that time is cyclical, because I was such a darkwave nerdy asshole in middle school, and here I am in my thirties all up on the same nonsense.

I think being a spooky goth is like being a perpetual ouroboros of black clothes, bats, pointed boots, and sparkly Soft Cell badges pinned into leather moto jackets.  Just when I think I’m free of being a spooky kid, it all comes crashing back and I think I probably wouldn’t have it any other way.

Anyways, enough about me.  Panic Priest is a new act that has just signed to Negative Gain Productions, and released their first single “The Holy Ghost”.

Fusing goth crooning vocals and retro-synth keyboards and guitars on his debut EP, Panic Priest certainly makes an impression right out of the gate. Most of the retro-synth I tend to listen to is of the instrumental variety, and when it does have vocals they’re provided by a robotic sounding lady voice so when some crooning ala Peter Murphy comes out my headphones I take notice. Describing the project as “death, sex and doomed romance” the music here evokes less rainy neon lit nightscapes and more twilight graveyards where ghostly figures convene. Panic Priest is a project that showcases the work of singer / songwriter / multi instrumentalist Jack Armondo.

Panic Priest recently signed to Negative Gain Records and The Holy Ghost ep comes ahead of their full length on May 18th.

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