Monsta X – “The Connect: Déjà vu”


I jumped at the chance to review the new album The Connect: Déjà vu by kpop band Monsta X as soon as the opportunity landed itself in the DIAG inbox and I am so glad I did. This album has been the soundtrack of my life for the past 2 weeks and with every single song on the album a certified bop, Monsta X is definitely going to be the next big kpop band to make it big in North America.

You know the story: a group of handsome guys in a boy band singing about life, girls, and love. It’s a tale as old as time, but it’s a really fun tale and we all can’t seem to get enough. Monsta X was formed in 2015 via a competitive reality show and is comprised of 7 members: leader of the group Shownu, singers Wonho, Minhyuk, Kihyun, and is rounded out by rappers Jooheon, and I.M. The group blends Korean vocals, English vocals, and the odd rap interlude seamlessly and the result is a super fun album from start to finish. Monsta X have released several singles, music videos and The Connect: Déjà vu is their 6th album release. After listening to the album back to front dozens of times, and checking out the newest music video for album single Jealousy, these guys mean business and could easily step toe to toe with BTS or Shinee, the current kpop darlings making it huge in North America.


Most of the songs on this release are perfect work out party jams, with one slow jam stand out in the song If Only. If you’re looking for a new addition to your kpop playlist, want to see what all the hype is about kpop music, or you just want to listen to some new fun pop music to help usher you into summer, The Connect: Déjà vu by Monsta X is a must for your collection. The album is a bit short at only 7 tracks long, and a length of just under 30 minutes, but the short length means there’s no space wasted on songs that couldn’t become a stand alone hit on their own.

Stand out tracks:

Destroyer is a perfect work out song and made my runs so much better even when I had to force myself out the door.

Lost in a Dream is one of the few slower songs on the album and I’m surprised I haven’t heard it playing over the end credits of one of the many kdramas I’ve devoured.

The Connect: Déjà vu is available now digitally on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify.


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