First Impressions Vol 1: Requiem, Satanic, The Black Swamp, Blood And Brutality, Drawn And Quartered, Stormthrash, & Cradle of Filth


Ouch! That’s gonna leave a mark.

 Welcome to yet another segment on the pleasures of metal by yours truly. This will be slightly different than those before it. I will keep my thoughts to a minimum (promise) and gives my impression from 1 to 10 in three seperate areas.
1) The releases artwork (cover)
2) The first track, the short time in which the listener should get ‘hooked’
And lastly,
3) Final thoughts and score following an initial listen.
Let’s get started…

Requiem – Global Resistance Rising (Switzerland)
Release – March/23/2018
FDA Records
Artwork – 9
Dan Seagraves kicks ass! Nuff said.
First Track – 8.5 
Catchy, an intriguing mixture of riffs, a great introduction.
Initial Listen – 8
Solid melodic death metal. Rhythms/ pacing and style in a similar vein to the best of God Dethroned with hints of a more recent Bolt Thrower influence. Guaranteed to incite movement!

Satanic – Architecture of Chaos
Release – September/1/2017
Brutal Records
Artwork – 8
Intriguing imagery.
First Track – 6.5
Thrashy, chaotic rhythms. Bears a raw/rehearsal/demo quality. Runs perhaps a tad too long but still leaves me somewhat curious.
Initial Listen – 6
Thrash that reeks of raw blackened death metal influence. The album IMO suffers from a dragged out running time. Although, I could see how the ‘disjointed’ style might appeal to those with more an open mind and an appreciation of uniqueness, but I’m just not ready for it quite yet.
Might take a few spins to fully digest.

The Black Swamp – Witches (EP)
Release – February/1/2018
Self released
Against PR
Artwork – 9
Seriously, who can’t appreciate the naked female form in an ecstatic state stradling a flying goat.
First Track – 8.5
Riffs, riffs, riffs of the nuclear infused mammoth distorted type. This is doom/sludge done right!
Initial Listen – 8.5
Seventeen minutes of Southern rock/sludge/stoner rock bliss showcasing fantastic vocals.
Break out the bong, it’s time to lose yourself in some tunage.

Blood and Brutality – Decor Macabre (EP)
(United States)
Release – December/30/2017
Blood and Brutality Records
Against PR
Artwork – 6
Honestly I’m not even sure if this is the cover, but it’s what I was supplied with so I’m going with it.
First Track – 6.5
Slow to mid paced. I can’t help but ponder that the second track might have worked better in its position.
Initial Listen – 7
Created solely by the drummer (and original member) this album shows promise whilst delivering a traditional death style that’s more melodic than brutal. Boasts a mechanical feel at times but otherwise very decent tunage.
Standard death fair, nothing new but still utterly listenable.

Drawn and Quartered – Hail Infernal Darkness
(United States)
Reissue – April/3/2018 (limited vinyl pressing)
Krucyator Productions
Qabar Extreme PR
Artwork – 8
Sinister, infernal and menacing themes – check!
First Track – 9 
Diabolical complexities, technical riff structures and melody, I’m hooked already!
Initial Listen – 9
With a style nestled somewhere between Morbid Angel’s Altars… and Blessed… but only adding infinite more complexities into the mix Drawn and Quartered deliver crushing tunage that will leave fans of the extreme scene open mouthed with their minds blown rushing to purchase a copy.
A landmark release that warrants rediscovery. Nuff said.

Stormthrash – Systematic Annihilation 
Release – June/30/2017
Artwork – 7
A tad mysterious, early 90’s in style, though still eye-catching leaving one to wonder what genre their senses are about to be subjected to.
First Track (including intro) – 8.5
Exactly as the bands moniker suggests, riffs flow at lightning speed grabbing the listener by the throat inciting them to start their own whirlwind of movement.
Initial Listen – 9
Reminiscent of earlier Destruction, Exodus and Havok with top notch technical speed metal elements. The rhythms herein could start a riot in a morgue.
Thrash par excellence. Devestatingly  addictive audio that should come emblazoned with a warning sticker!

Cradle of Filth – Cryptoriana The Seductiveness of Decay
United Kingdom
Release September/22/2018
Nuclear Blast Records
Artwork -7
Compared to other images in the CoF for me this is sadly lacking appeal. Although it still seethes with Gothic wickedness and themes of an especially dark nature.
First track -9
Haunting, melodic, atmospheric, Gothic exquisiteness which flows with an epic majestic fluidity. A powerful track proving with merely a solitary listen that Cradle of Filth are finally back to their Cruelty/Midian prime.
Initial Listen -9.5
Captivating melodies, lyrical content, dynamic vocal range and stunning percussion encapsulated within an album that boasts rhythms, structures and riffs encompassing influence across a multitude of metal genre showing the diversity of CoF as they continue to evolve and relentlessly assault genre boundaries (ok, I’ll take a breath now).
Highly recommended for long time fans and virgins to all CoF have created. A fantastic jumping on point.
Well that’s it folks. Until next time.
Your slave to audio extreme, depraved and certainly not recommended for inclusion in Sunday Mass

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