NEW! Unborn Generation Unleash A Grind N’ Roll Attack with ‘Shadow’

Grind n’ Roll is certainly a new combo genre for me. I mean, I’ve heard similar stuff before but I can’t say I’ve ever herd that verbiage attached to it. Regardless, there it is and here we are. As far as micro genre nomenclature goes, at least this one is pretty accurate – this is grind with a bit of swagger. The lead track off their next album “Vøid”, ‘Shadow’ is still very much grind at the end of the day, just with a bit longer play time and the aforementioned swagger.

Unborn Generation have said that the album is “quite fucking dark”, plunging “into black depths in search of truth.” So, your standard kind of darkness and despair that we all have come to love and worship in our metal. Check oyt the lyric video below and their new album that’s released on June 15th via Inverse Records.

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