NEW VIDEO! French Black Metal Outfit BVDK Release ‘La Maison-Diev pt.2’

I’m always up for a good mystery, so join me as I don my Sherlock Holmes hat (whatever those things are called) and dive into the world of French black metal. usually the word French followed by black metal conjures up images of the Le Legions Noires or Alcest, but BVDK is a bit different. Their email landed in my inbox with hardly any information about the band or the track, save for a line promising “more details to come” and a link to the below video. Even if BVDK seem to schew many of the other touchstones of black metal, they’ve sure got the “be cryptic” part down. The first thing I noticed right off the bat is that instead of the dreary black and white filter we usually see when black metal shows up to the party we get COLOUR! And not just one, many colours. Already breaking convention and I haven’t even clicked play, which can be a good thing if done well and it’s actually worth listening to. Thankfully, BVDK do a good job when it comes to the music side of things.

Leaning heavily into the post-black metal side of things, ‘La Maison-Diev pt.2’ is overall a fairly dreamy (but heavy) feeling track, but one that’s still able to dive into the aggression when it’s required. The dreamy parts aren’t really some Alcest faerie metal black-gaze stuff though, this is still very much aggressive at its core, . The song alternates between the dream state of it’s sample heavy verses and the staccato attack of its chorus, ensuring that you’re never fully lulled into the slumber promised by some of the tracks dreamier elements. They’ve got my attention with their mysterious communications, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for more info on their upcoming album, “Religare”.

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