Tokyo Treat March 2018 Unboxing & Mukbang Video

Tokyo Treat is a monthly subscription box/crate that curates weird and wonderful snacks from Japan. In this video the crew unboxes the Tokyo Treat box from March 2018 Premium Box (we are behind in filming! April’s is coming, but will be late!). Squid jerky & sakura everything.

Get your own weird and wacky treats:

This review is not sponsored by or affiliated with Tokyo Treat. Views are our own.

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The song used in this video is, “Guaraparinga 1988” by Burial Grid, and is used with permission from Burial Grid.

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“Woman Screaming” & “Ice In Glass 1” sounds by

Drunk In A Graveyard art is all created by Cablz (Barfomet + Crush Beers)
Drunk In A Graveyard outro bumper created by Lone Wolf Productions

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