NEW VIDEO! Red Devil Vortex Release Video For ‘Something Has To Die’

Hailing from the streets of LA, Red Devil Vortex certainly come out of the gate polished. There’s nary a misplaced note, much like the bands hair with no hair out of place. There’s a time and a place for messy basement metal but theres also just as much time (some would argue more) for bands that out out a clean sounding album. While Red Devil Vortex aren’t reinventing the wheel here, they manage to fuse all the familiar elements of large, bombastic arena style metal into something appealing. ‘Something Has To Die’ is the title track from their EP of the same name (obviously, being the title track and all. Anyways), is out May 4th. Of the EP, band member Gabriel Conner had to say: “Working on this EP was a lot of fun. Augustus is a great friend of ours and he’s a very creative producer. He enhanced our creativity and we didn’t put any limits to the creative process. It’s chaotic, energetic and beautiful in its own way. It’s the type of music to make love and war to.”

You can pre-order a copy of ‘Something Has To Die’ here if that’s your thing.


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