NEW VIDEO! Thokkian Vortex release video for ‘Huginn and Muninn in the Realms of Mist’

There’s really only one way to describe this video and that description reads “quintessential black metal”. Thokkian Vortex’s video for ‘Huginn and Muninn in the Realms of Mist’, following the journey of a norse shaman, checks all the boxes one anticipates when they sit down to watch a black metal video: spikes, corpse paint, bullet belts, deep grimaces, dark forests, hooded figures, skulls. The list goes on. It doesn’t hurt that the music to accompany the black metal antics isn’t half bad either. Mixing in keyboards for atmosphere, Thokkian Vortex don’t let things get too melodic or light, keeping harsh vocals and guitars to the forefront at all times to cement that old-school black metal sound.

‘Huginn and Muninn in the Realms of Mist’ is from Thokkian Vortex’s debut album from 2016, titled ‘Into the Nagual’ and is available through their website.

– Scott

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