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Unfortunately not everyone can get out to all the newest and coolest horror film festivals and conventions beciase of all those minor inconveniences like jobs and families and money, but thankfully we live in 2018 and some intrepid festival holders have decided to let the world share in their fun. American Horror’s are those intrepid festival holders I mentioned, and they have quite a unique idea that i could see becoming more widely utilized. Rather than me tell you all the details though, I’ll let them do that.

Press Release:

On April 16th, 2018 tune your television, tablets & smart phones to the American Horrors Roku Channel to watch the very first American Horrors Film Festival TV Special, shot live at the Geneva 4 theaters & the Thumbs Up Saloon in historic downtown Lake Geneva Wisconsin to see all of the killer panels, parties, interviews, directors & stars, fan shout outs & killer horror films from the festival all airing ONLY on American Horrors!

Tune in to the American Horrors #uncut linear streaming Roku channel 7pm central time April 16th 2018 for a night of goretastic cutting edge horror featuring uncut music videos by WARBEAST, DEMON BOY, RATBATSPIDER, CONNIPTION, THE EUNUCHS plus short films “CUCK”, “LANE: THE DARK WOOD”, “THE 3RD STAPLE”, silent short film “AETEURNUS”, feature film “THIS BOOK IS CURSED” by Wisconsin’s own Michael Butt plus a live performance by Midwest legends LevRage!

The American Horrors Film Festival has selected THE CHILD REMAINS (by Michael Melski) as the Best Feature Film of the 2017 festival. WHAT METAL GIRLS ARE INTO (by Laurel Vail) is the Best Short Film of 2017. HITCHHIKER by infamous godfathers of death metal, WARBEAST, won Best Music Video of 2017!

Congratulations to all of our festival winners & festival final selections and get ready because we’re about to open our doors to submissions for the 2018 American Horrors Film Festival to be held October 26th & 27th in Lake Geneva!

The American Horrors channel is available for free online at

– Scott

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