NEW! Vicious Death Metal Track ‘Technological Assimilation’ From Petrification

The press release for this track describes Petrification as “bastard old school death metal orcs” and after blasting “Technological Assimilation” half a dozen times at top volume, I can’t think of a more apt description. From the bands upcoming debut album “Hollow of the Void”, ‘Technological Annihilation’ is the kind of death metal that can only come from an intense worship for the true heart of the genre – vicious and overwhelming riffs piled up like skulls. Probably for some blood god of some sort or another. Seriously, the riffs here are thicc. That’s right, so thick I had to use 2 c’s. That’s how serious it is. This is true dark and degenerate death metal and I’m all about it.

CDs, digital, tapes and LPs come out on April 23 2018, with art from vocalist Jason Barnett’s paintings and graphic design. Order your copy here.


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