At Granny’s House (2018) – Video Review

Oh hey there guys, how’s your week going?! Today is Friday, TGIF and all that shit.

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The other night I checked out a 2015-but-only-released-in-2018 independent horror film called “At Granny’s House”, written and directed by Les Mahoney starring Rachel Alig, Marion Rogers and my personal fave Bill Oberst Jr.

Instead of writing down a review, I filmed a quick YouTube video so go check that out, and be sure to subscribe while you are there!

At Granny’s House is out now!


The songs used in this video are “Intermundiae” & “Divina Voluptas” by Charun, from album ‘Stige’ licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.
Find them on Facebook: @charunband

“Woman Screaming” & “Ice In Glass 1” sounds by
“Horror String Stab” by licensed by CC BY-NC 4.0


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