NEW! Nasty Grindcore Outfit EATEN Release Video For ‘Demise’

It’s the middle of the week, and if you’re anything like me, you need something to shake off the haze long weekdays can induce. Alternately you just need some Wednesday night nastiness. Either way, i have you covered, unless that nastiness you want is actually porn and not grindcore. Because i have grindcore, not ass. Sorry. EATEN are from Massachusetts and play in your face, to the point grindcore. You know the drill: Short songs that punch you in the gut, then fuck off to go get drunk somewhere grimey. They do a good job building on the grindcore formula with a bit of doom and death metal mixed in, just enough to keep things interesting without getting too weird with it.

Check out their Facebook to stay up to date, and grab a copy of their self-titled album from Give Praise Records.

– Scott

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