Henry & Glenn Forever and Ever


As all you beautiful fuckers know – we here in the graveyard like a little comedy with our horror and heavy metal.  We like to put the fun back in funeral if you know what I mean.  And we also love a good spoof and it is these things that have brought us to our deep deep love for Henry & Glenn Forever, the collected comical book about Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig, two of the hyper masculine alpha male types of punk and metal music.

Now Henry Rollins himself is a stand up comedian, motivational speaker type, and I know he’s all about these comics, but I hesitate to say Danzig would approve of or understand these, but I suppose the point is moot.

So join me on a journey through some of my favourite pages of Henry & Glenn Forever And Ever:


when in doubt, always go with gold

Tom Neely really came up with a good concept here with these comics.  The guest artists riff on various aspects of punk, hardcore and metal culture while also spoofing different comics, artists and styles.





I think everyone can get a kick out of two hyper masculine dudes in a very sweet relationship.  The concept of it alone is so fucking funny to me.  I like reading comic books and being so close to pissing my pants with laughter.



me in the morning though


absolutely dead @ this one

Can I buy prints of this for my office?


some jodorowsky


name all the legends if you can?


the wedding of these two alphas, officiated by the omega – Papa Emeritus




Henry Rollins does kinda have a Mike Mignola style jaw

In many ways this book is simultaneous parody and celebration of the ridiculousness of metal and punk culture.  I think it’s necessary reading for anyone in the scene but will be best received by the aging punks and metalheads amongst us.


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