A Special Drunk In A Graveyard Announcement!


Oh hi, what’s crackin’.  Well, since today is a special day, and also a Trash/Thrash Tuesday, I thought it would be fun news to tell you amazing followers of ours that we are going to be making videos.

Those who follow Rigby’s YouTube channel know that we have been fucking around big time with some Let’s Play action exploring different video games. We made the collective choice to take our nerdy bullshit to the next level and start making videos, vodcasting and generally creating new and exciting content for you fuckers.
We have some big ideas and hope you will join us on this ride.

“Valar Morghulis” by Bloodgod Licensed under CC BY NC ND 4.0
“Woman Screaming” and “Ice In Glass 2” by ZapSplat.com


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