Another Wolfcop (2017)

Another Wolfcop is more of the same beer swilling and plaid shirt-ripping rural Canadiana exploitation as its predecessor Wolfcop, but armed with a bit more self awareness than the last time we visited. If you were a fan of the first foray into lupine lawmen, there’s a lot to appreciate in the sequel even if it does at times tread alot of the same ground. The story in the sequel to the 2014 horror-comedy that featured a booze-drenched lycanthropic lawman in small town northern Canada picks up a short while after the events of the first, with a new mayor (played by Kevin Smith) by the name of Bubba Swallows having the run of things. Under his watch, a large corporation ominously named Darkstar Brewing (totally not suspicious at all, especially with all the occult nonsense we know goes on around the town) has moved into the sleepy northern Saskatchawan town of Woodhaven, taking over the rink and turning it into a hockey rink/brewery for reasons that probably don’t exist outside of budgetary and story-telling reasons that the climax will make clear. Officer Lou Garou is still doing his thing – drinking, turning into a werewolf sheriff and fighting crime while still finding time to binge on Liquor Donuts and Boober magazine. This time around his former partner Tina has been promoted to chief of police, with a staff of newbies that are clearly fodder for when the movie gets going. They also bring back Graveyard favourite character Willie Higgins, the conspiracy loving redneck gun-shop owner from the original, and he continues to spout most of the quotable lines of the movies much as he did in the original.

The movie is feels much more self-aware this time around, it’s tongue firmly planted in its cheek as Mayor Kevin Smith proudly proclaims to the world how he would like to “slam a cold Cock” (the slogan for Darkstar Brewings flagship beer) and just being visibly Kevin Smith. His cameo in particular infuses a bit ofa different feel than the original had, and while not wholly bad it does take you out of the movie for just long enough . This is a midnight movie best viewed after many beers however (we’re talking minimum six or seven so get drinking), so you probably won’t/shouldn’t be in the headspace to really care about things like that when it comes time to watch Another Wolfcop. There are much more subtly done cameo’s at the start of the film, with a good portion of the Astron 6 crew playing Christmas themed bandits making a futile attempt to escape from Wolfcop.

The movie almost takes on a Full Moon Productions sort of feel, with a Frankenstien-esque robot named Frank (because like I said, we’re super self aware this time around) sent out to track down Wolfcop. It’s not like the original was a bastion of high budget effects or anything, it’s just that this dude is literally painted silver and grey with a weird collar and smock on, looking like he just walked off one of Charles Band’s sets circa 1993. Thankfully, Another Wolfcop is fun as hell so you either forget or (like me) don’t really care and just strap in for the rest of the ride. The remainder of the story is a bit of a mess as Wolfcop and friends battle the evil corporations hold on thier town, culminatiing in a showdown in the brewery/hockey rink. Cue a team of silver masked hockey players that wouldn’t have been out of place on the old Genesis game Monster League Hockey, a zambonie with a machine gun mounted to it and a Gowan cameo that had our theatre yelling. I mean, the beer being served also influenced the yelling, but it was mostly Gowan.

As a responsible dude who writes about movies on the internet, I should probably advise that you check this one out as a double feature with the original, which is how I saw this it. Not only do you get to watch Wolfcop again, it makes Another Wolfcop feel a bit more cohesive as the jokes from the first are still fresh in your mind. Plus, you gotta have something to do while you drink those six or seven beers required to watch this sequel.

– Scott

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