NEW VIDEO! Dreamfire Release Video For ‘Into The Temple Of The Elements’

Need some music to score your next D&D game? I’ve got you covered. In 2014, an album was unvealed to the world – a mystical and atmospheric neo-classical/ambient project – by the name of ‘Atlantean Symphony.’ At that point it was an album fifteen years in the making, exploring the worlds of myth and legend with its ethereal tones and beautiful ambient textures, and though it was only released indepedently it made an impression on those who heard it’s siren songs. After its release, it’s creator withdrew from the scene, only to be coaxed out of hibernation in late by Minotauro Records. Minotauro and Dreamfire (aka Osirion) joined forces and the first product of that union is a remastered version of ‘Atlantean Symphony’.

In addition to getting a remaster (that sounds fantastic in case you were wondering), ‘Atlantean Symphony’ is also getting new artwork and two bonus tracks, one of which is an interpretation of Ramin Djawadi’s ‘The Rains of Castamere’ from Game of Thrones. Nerd music through and through this is. This is apparently just the begining of a very promising relationship between Minotauro Records and Dreamfire, with more released seemingly planned for the future. Follow Dreamfire on Facebook to stay up to date on more potential D&D session music. Check out the sample below and tell me that it wouldn’t set the perfect atmosphere as you explore a temple to Istishia or Eldath.


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