Black Mare & Offret Split – “Alone Among Mirrors”

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Sometimes I listen to the music that Sera Timms makes and I think it must have been made for me and only me. How else could something so lush and complicated exist. I’m lucky to exist in the same time period as this music and even luckier to know Sera. You might know her, too. Sera is the Black Mare, and the frontwoman of Ides of Gemini. I wrote previously about Black Mare’s full length album Death Magick Mother. It too, is lush and crushing, much like “Alone Among Mirrors”, a two song split between Black Mare and Russian band Offret.

“Woman The Throne” is the offering from Black Mare on this one and it was recorded during the same sessions as the ones that gave us Death Magick Mother.

I’m less familiar with Offret. Their offering on this split is “We Are Waiting” which is less music and more ritual. It too, is quiet, bleak, riffs stark and vocals guttural.

This split is beautiful, and I felt thoroughly privileged to hear it. Really lovely. It’s also $4 to get a super rad lime green 7 inch so do that, please.

To stream and purchase Alone Among Mirrors visit the Dark Operative Bandcamp

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