New Video! The Ever Living – “Interrotron”

unnamed (26).jpg

Ever wanted to hire weird Russian kids who may or may not be on a one way trip to some form of Soviet gulag to do a music video?  If so, you might want to ask London based band The Ever Living on the skinny for how to do this.  Their new video for track “interrotron” off upcoming album Herephemine show cases the band performing.

Getting the footage together was easier said than done, especially since the band found themselves abandoned by their crew on the Georgian/Russian border.

“The main theme around Herephemine is experiences with excess through technology and other means. Not just personally but as a comment on the current feelings towards creating and consuming. We wanted the album to give the listener an immersive experience with multiple layers, changes in style and different types of colour” – Chris Bevan Lee

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