Love and Saucers (2018)

Most first time sexual experiences are awkward; I think that’s pretty much a given. Imagine now that instead of your partner being for that very vulnerable and confusing first time being a human being that you’re attracted to, they’re actually an alien that came here to get down and dirty with your your bad Earth self. Thats some pressure to perform right there! At first I was scratching my head at the concept of extraterrestrial coitus (mostly the why and a bit of the how), but it sort of makes sense; you can’t just float around in a saucer mutilating cows and letting people take blurry photos of you all the time. Documentary ‘Love and Saucers’, directed by Brad Abrahams, tells us the story of David Huggins, who claims that his first sexual experience (as well as many to follow) happened not with a human but instead with a traveller from the stars. Leading up to the taking of Huggins V-card, he claims to have had encounters with beings since he was about eight years old, mostly observational but all leading up to his actual encounter. That encounter happened during a walk in the forest one day, when a young David was approached by a grey alien (with Uma Thurman circa Pulp Fiction hair!) he would later come to know as Crescent who did the nasty with him right then and there in those woods. Sadly it was not “in the backseat of a Ford—something like that”, which is where Huggins thought his first sexual experience would go down as he explains in the documentary. David has been painting these experiences for years, cataloging not only his sexual encounters but also other pivotal moments like meeting one of his many children, encounters with other extraterrestrial creatures and of course a very awkward (but sort of sexy?) milking incident.

Such encounters would happen off and on for years, revealing to Huggins that not only was he getting that alien pussy, it would seem he was serving another purpose to them. You see, it wasn’t just a cum party, they appeared to be utilizing his semen in a breeding program, growing countless hybrid children in their ships. Thankfully he gets shown all of this first hand by his lover and her pals, which means he paints it which ultimately means we get to see it and it’s pretty fuckin’ wild. You also watch Huggins artistic ability improve as more and more of his story and paintings are shown to us, but it never loses the almost childlike innocence and simplicity present in the initial art.

Love and Saucers itself is only about 70 minutes long, which it uses very well to tell us the strange case witout ever getting bogged down in uninteresting details. Too often documentaries in this vein lose momentum in the middle and can never really win back the audience but they played it smart here and kept things lean. That said, a man giving it to an ET doesn’t really sound like a story that really HAS boring parts, so there’s that to factor into the equation as well. Given that the draw of David Huggins is his large body of paintings, Love and Suacers spends a lot of time showing off detail shots of all his major pieces, which is particularly helpful for those playing the home game of spot the Mantis Man. The Mantis Man is a being that Huggins says was always present, observing all that was happening for some unexplained reason. I’m assuming he was the camera man and this was whole thing was actually just the extraterrestrial version of those greasy collage dorm porno’s where some pornstar shows up and runs a train on a bunch of collage dudes, but that’s just my working theory.

And now my one issue with the whole thing. After some additional reading (because I’m OBSESSED with this story now it would appear) I found suggestions that these experiences may just be part of a very complex hallucination, perhaps linked to mental health issues. I don’t recall this being brought up in ‘Love and Saucers,’ and while omitting it does strengthen the whole “alien” angle, it’s kind of important and probably shouldn’t have been left out, at least not completely. With that said, I still strongly recommend checking out ‘Love and Saucers’ so you can draw your own conclusions. If nothing else, you get to see a bunch of naked aliens so i think we can all count that as a win at the end of the day. Oh and if you need more of me ranting about ET sexual encounters, check out this episode of the podcast!


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