Ghoul/Ill Bill split

Right at the top of my list of things I had no idea I needed for this week was a Ghoul/Ill Bill split but holy shit Tankcrimes went and dropped some fantastic stuff right in our laps and I couldn’t be happier. Ill Bill and Ghoul, both well known in their own (very) different scenes for their unique voices, have dropped a split that works so much better than it should. Ill Bill is no stranger to heavy metal, what with his Heavy Metal Kings hip-hop project, so that he was the one Ghoul decided to work with isn’t really that surprising. His contribution here, “Pentagram” opens with a sample that combines the aforementioned pentagrams and conspiracy theories that Ill Bill has always dabbled with before descending dark and twisting beats, his signature gravelly voice delivering rhymes referencing Anton Lavey, Prodigy, Dirty Harry, Abel Ferrera and a ton more that require at least half a dozen listens to fully decipher. I guess what I’m trying to say here is that it’s a good time.

Ghouls track is pure trash thrash, with all the grime and stank you’d expect from those sack-wearing Creepsylvania freaks. Composed almost entirely of tortured howls, guitar riffs that threaten to strangle the life from you and a low end the unapologetically assaults you in an alley after the show, this track is best played with your windows open and sound system turned up as loud as you can physically endure. Try it, your neighbours will love you; I know mine do.

Grab a digital copy here. The vinyl drops in May and you can pre-order here.


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