NEW VIDEO! The Absence Release Video For Brutal Melodeath Track ‘Misery Trophies’

We all know by now that the best death metal comes from the swamps of Florida, savagely riffing its way through all comers and taking no prisoners. Maybe even ripping a heart through a ribcage or three along the way. The Absence continue to do their part in the fight against boring music with the release of a new video for the track “Misery Trophies”, a song most of us can probably connect with in some way or another in our hyper-connected digital realm. Speaking of the song, signer Jamie Stewart explains that “’Misery Trophies’ is about the toxic people that we all have in our lives, the people who cannot wait to be the bearers of bad news – individuals so devoid of joy themselves, that they revel in the delivery of misery to others.” Like I said, I think we all feel that statement on some level at least.

‘Misery Trophies’ is the second clip to be unleashed from their upcoming album ‘A Gift For The Obsessed’, with the first being released in January. You might remember me being impressed with their Pazzuzu-level demon anger and if you don’t, go check out that track as well because it rips just as hard as this one does! For a little background on The Abscense for those not in the know, these guys don’t fuck around. It’s been eight years since thier last realease but that doesn’t mean the band hasn’t been busy. Quite the opposite. Members of The Absence have been touring with Soulfly, Venom Inc and Sanctuary, along with woking alongside Soilwork, Havok, Arsis, Armageddon, Jasta, Necromancing the Stone and Ribspreader. Man, just reading that list makes me feel like a lazy sack.

A Gift for the Obsessed will be released on CD, Digital and limited-edition vinyl (500 copies) with an alternate track sequence on red/black haze colored vinyl, a heavyweight 24-pt. jacket, a color lyric sheet and a download card. Pre-orders are available at this location.


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