NEW VIDEO! Florida’s URN Release “Silently, I’m Still Screaming

Orlando might not be the first place you think when you think goth music, and Florida in general is more known for it’s contributions to the world of death metal more than anything else, at least in the heavy msuic world. Thankfully that doesn’t stop intrepid black clad brethren URN from crafting majestic and black-hearted gothic folk music and releasing onto the world like so many malevolent spirits. URN has recently added two new members to their lineup, keyboardist Cleve Hall and drummer Eric James Peterson, and what better way to introduce fans to them but a music video?

“Silently, I’m Still Screaming” showcases guitarist Christopher Migdalski’s lead work in particular, something that the band had been wanting to do to show people that they can overcome disabilities. Christopher has Parkinson’s Disease and has become something of a role model to others with others that share this disability and all i hace to say is damn what a commendable move on the part of the band it is to use their voice ike they are. Mad respect to URN for doing this, something that I would be glad to see happening in all corners of weird and heavy music. Urn says of the new video: “Many fans had given feedback that this song was one of their more favorites off of the album, so we wished to honor them by doing this video. We also wished to showcase our guitarist, Christopher Migdalski’s lead work on this song, as he has been a role model for those afflicted with Parkinson’s Disease and how to overcome disabilities to still pursue his life dream. Our hope is that this will inspire those to continue on in their battle and achieve whatever dreams/goals that they have.”

– Scott

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