It’s Hard Out There for a Korn Fan: Riding with the Top Down to Hot Leather’s “Hearse”


A lot has happened since we last spoke with Hot Leather’s Clyde Webb, aka @kornfan420. He escaped his small town in Oregon (which he’d like you to know is not the Midwest), and even gave himself a spanking new ear piercing, which at the time of publication has yet to become infected. Perhaps most notably, Webb has dropped his latest instant pop punk classic “Hearse.” Detailing his wish to be mutilated and thrown into the back of the hearse over the beat of boppy synths, Clyde continues to make his mark on the Sad Boy scene, extrapolating on the growing pains of success by combining darkness and light. So, put the top down on your Cadillac convertible and prepare to leave your favorite Korn fan bumpin’ in the back. A true rocker, we have no doubt that Webb will be throwing horns from his coffin.


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