New Video! Alghazanth – “Facing The North”



March 31st marks the eighth and final album for Finnish melodic black metal band Alghazanth.  They release their final offering, “Eight Coffin Nails” on Woodcut records.

The tracklist reads as follows:

1. Self-exiled
2. Facing the North
3. Aureate Water
4. The Upright Road
5. At Their Table
6. The Foe of Many Masks
7. Twice Eleven
8. Pohjoinen
9. To Flames the Flesh

The band has released a sample track called “Facing The North”, and I want you to put this into your ear holes and listen well, my good sluts.

You can find Alghazanth online at:

Woodcut Records Bandcamp


You can find Robin on twitter.

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