NEW VIDEO! Stoners Green Druid Release Video For Dead Tree

Grab your bong and favourite strain because Green Druid are here to lock you to the couch with a doom metal cavalcade. From Denver, Colorado, Green Druid make the most good on the promise of their name, playing psyched out doom metal that feels right at home beside giants of the genre like. Taking their time on Dead Tree, the band methodically plots a dark and twisted path through a mysterious aural landscape that begs the listener to wander off the path and get lost within the woods.

Green Druid are also my personal hero’s as they have decided to put themselves through what they’ve dubbed the Weed Olympics. Consuming sixteen strains over eight days, each week the band will post a video of their “smoke off” between strains at the GREEN DRUID Instagram page here. Fans can vote on their favorite strain via the GREEN DRUID Twitter page here! The semi-finals will be held the first two weeks of April with the grand finale to happen on April 20th.

– Scott

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