NEW! Samhain Tribute Album “We All Want Our Time In Hell” Coming From Corpseflower Records

Corpse Flower Records are no stranger to realeasing sick ass tribute albums – see their Celtic Frost tribute from last year for example. This time around, Shawn Knight (the frontman for Child Bite) has gathered a legion of artists to pay tribute to one of Danzig’s most beloved (can you love evil?) projects, Samhain. The album, titled “We All Want Our Time In Hell” is being mastered by James Plotkin (OLD, Scorn, Khanate) and will have forty minutes of Samhain tribute from acts such as Ghoul, Midnight, Acid Witch, Brain Tentacles and Ringworm to name a few(check the track list below for the full lineup).

Like many, Danzig influenced Knight from a young age, but it was the Samhain era that really captured his attention. “MTV introduced me to Danzig, and a friend’s older brother — along with Metallica’s Garage Days Re-Revisited EP — got me into the Misfits. Discovering Samhain took a bit more digging, and always felt that much more mysterious because of it. All of the classic Danzigian elements are present; murky atmosphere, dark/taboo lyrics, catchy hooks and melodies, gritty DIY art and recordings, and of course that Evil Elvis voice. I’ve always felt that this less celebrated period of Danzig’s output deserved more love, and I hope that our small tribute will introduce a few more kids to the music of Samhain.”

“We All Want Our Time In Hell” will be available May 4th but pre-order your copy here.

We All Want Our Time In Hell Track Listing:
1. Night Chill – Joel Grind
2. Mother of Mercy – Midnight
3. In My Grip – Nil Eye
4. Black Dream – Ringworm
5. Macabre – Ghoul
6. Halloween II – Acid Witch
7. The Howl – Multicult
8. The Shift – Like Rats
9. Kiss Of Steel – Shed The Skin
10. I Am Misery – Immortal Bird
11. Unbridled – Child Bite
12. Human Pony Girl – Brain Tentacles
13. Archangel – Ritual Howls

– Scott

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