New Video! Hiidenhauta – “Nälkäkevät”


Do you like your black metal from the cold cold land of Suomi? Do you like it to be written in poetic meter and about Great Famines? Well holy sweet flyin’ fuck boys do Hiidenhauta have some stuff for you to check out on their upcoming album ‘1695’. All of the above really. And what’s more metal than 1/3 of a population of people dying from fucking starvation?

1695 is written in Kalevala poetic meter and comes out March 16th on Inverse Records.

Vocalist Tuomas Keskimäki said of the new video and song:
“”Nälkäkevät” considers the big picture first, and finally ends up a single person’s despair and surrender. There’s also the heart of the song in these themes; that moment when everything is lost. During the Great Famine of 1695-1697 not a single group of people could avoid death, even the King was dying.”

1695 Track list
1. Hallan valta
2. Äärellä
3. Kuolimaan tytär
4. Musta leipä
5. Jumalan vihan ruoska
6. Talvikäräjät
7. Nälkäkevät
8. Maan poveen
9. Nimettömät

I’m pretty psyched to check out this album and you should be too!

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