NEW! Psycho Las Vegas Announces 2018 Lineup

We’ve been getting hyped up about this little thing that’s going down in the desert this August called Psycho Las Vegas. We’ve already seen thier pre-party lineup (whch is pretty stellar for just the pre-party if you ask me) but the full lineup got released today and it’s loaded with stoner favourites and must see acts, as well as some oddities because who doesn’t like some weird shit going down, especially in Vegas?

Dimmu Borgir (like I said, there was some weird stuff on the bill) and The Hellacopters top the list, but things just get more exciting the further down the list band list you go. Sunn O))), Eyehategod and Church of Misery are must see’s for me, but this is the kid of festival that you go in with the best intentions, get swept up and miss half the stuff you came to see but end up seeing some incredible new acts you never expected.

– Scott

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