Photon (Documentary): Quarks, Masons, Photons! What are we Made Of?

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The documentary Photon may well be borrowing from Twilight Zone to explain existentialism. The IMDB credits Steve Royal for providing the English narration but I cannot help but wonder if that’s Norman Leto’s voice that we are hearing. After all, this avant-garde product is his baby. When compared to other well-known personalities like David Attenborough, more enthusiasm in the presenter’s voice is needed to make this work stand out. To listen to Royal’s tone against the rich kaleidoscope of images during this lecture hall presentation can be difficult.

The discourse is heavy. Some theory offered is nothing new. A few thoughts are from high school science, others more university level, and the rest … perhaps taken from a Dover book publication. The philosophy being waxed can potentially go over a lot of people’s head. The imagery is a mix of electron microscope stuff (which can be boring, unless you’re playing a drinking game to identify the various types of cell division which can occur) to gently eerie. I was more impressed when the cosmos finally gets explored as I wanted answers to how scientists interpret radio frequency images which collects and reports about the radiation of when the Big Bang happened. Staring at a monitor of seemingly random particles finally have a meaning and it’s not pareidolia that I’m experiencing. No, that’s not Elvis I’m seeing in all those ghost particles.

I’m a firm believer of subliminal learning and I think I can get more out of this film by letting those lessons being worked into my subconscious than conscious mind; existentialism is heavy stuff. Marty McFly will have an aneurysm if he tried to understand the concepts being lectured here. Doctor Emmett Brown would have his mind blown. This description is fitting as the Victoria Film Festival’s theme for this year is to blow your mind. This documentary perfectly fits the bill. I’m sure this piece will make its rounds in art houses and other shows around the world, so others can have their own trip into the light fantastic with this movie.

3½ Stars out of 5


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