NEW ALBUM! Bruce Lamont Of Yakuza And Corrections House To Release Broken Limbs Excite No Pity

Bruce Lamont is perhaps most well known for leading Yakuza, a psychedelic jazz-metal group that operates out of Chicago, but that’s just the start of his body of work. Working with Scotty Kelly of Neurosis, Mike IX Williams of Eyehategod and long time collaborator Sanford Parker, Lamont has released some furious noise under the moniker Corrections House (or as our own Johnnny Zontal lovingly referred to them as at their Housecore Horror Festival 2014 – “scary saxaphone band.” He has also worked on releases with jazz-prog-hardcore outfit Brain Tentacles in addition to a slew of other projects large and small. Broken Limbs Excite Not Pity is Lamont’s second solo album, following Ferla songs, an album that showed Lamont could deliver droning, swans-esque material as well as the furious and angry music he was known for up to that point.

On his newest release, Bruce Lamont is the driving force – singing, playing saxophone, percussion, guitars and electronics. Utilizing everything at his disposal, Broken Limbs Excite Pity see’s Lamont utilizing his voice not only to put words to the music he is creating, but as an instrument all its own. The preview that has been released fucked me up in the best of ways so I can’t wait to unleash the full album onto my psyche.

You will be able to grab your copy of Broken Limbs Excite Pity from War Crime Recordings on March 23rd but you can pre-order it now here.

– Scott

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