NEW ALBUM! Synthwave Act The Rain Within To Release Atomic Eyes

In case you haven’t been paying attention, throwback synth has come back into dark music in a big way. Slowly at first, with only a few ripples to be seen but in the last couple years or so it’s really charged ahead quickly. Showing up in a lot of genre films such as and the Deathnote adaptation, it’s excaping pit’s cyberpunk origins and becoming a force of its own. The Rain Within, a synthwave act out of Charlottesville, VA, are part of that charge, fusing synthwave and synthpop into their own creation. Andy Deane, vocalist and producer, said of the album: “There’s a point you reach as an artist where things really come together and your vision becomes clear. Atomic Eyes is the product of that moment for me. I feel I’ve found a way to bring synthwave and synthpop together without having to water down either of them, and created a sound that is uniquely my own voice along the way. I think Atomic Eyes is going to get people dancing and being introspective in equal parts.”

I’ve been a big fan of the whole retrosynth/synthwave/whatever we shit we want to call it that’s been coming out and this certainly scratches that itch. Atomic Eyes is out on February 14 from Negative Gain.

– Scott

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