Chernobyl’s Uterus – “Kill The Kardashians”


Band: Chernobyl’s Uterus

Album: Kill the Kardashians

Label: Catapillar Slime

Release Date: September 2, 2017

It might seem typical for a girl group to play pop-rock, but don’t be too quick to judge. Sometimes a nice, soft album of radio-friendly love ballads is just what you need, and these chickies really give Katy Perry or Taylor Swift a solid run for their money. I know I usually review extreme music here at Drunk in a Graveyard, but Chernobyl’s Uterus certainly don’t play grindcore that takes not-so-subtle hints from Anal Cunt, and there definitely aren’t any guttural, sewage-soaked vocals layered over thick, saturated buzzsaw guitars. No, instead we have songs that will truly connect with your inner teenage girl, rife with lovelorn eyes and aspirations of social acceptance.

And it’s a good thing they opted for that, too. I was worried that they’d be one of those bands that aim for stupid at every imaginable turn but fail to have musical chops on the same level as their stupidity. I feel like if Chernobyl’s Uterus had tried to go down that path, there’s a good chance they would have managed to pull it off, combining churning grind with ridiculously hilarious song titles like “Roadkill Sex Fortress” or “Tumble-Dry My Girlfriend.” But Chernobyl’s Uterus played it smart, dodged that risky bullet and really nailed that radio-friendly sound that will brighten up your drive to work.

I was hesitant to really touch on an album like this at first, but these girls just came across so dang sweet on Twitter that I couldn’t help but want to give them a bit of publicity. It might not scratch the itch for flesh-ripping sonic torment that most readers here would crave, but no one will be able to help but crack a grin at the happy-go-lucky tracks of summer breezes and longing hearts. Simply warming and beautiful.

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