NEW ALBUM! Harsh Experimenter GRIDFAILURE To Release Irritum

New York’s GRIDFAILURE, a harsh experimental project that marks its two year anniversary this year, is beginning this year with the first of many new releases. While GRIDFAILURE has used contributions from other collaborators on many past releases, this one is executed solely by creator David Brenner. Dubbed “powerdementia”, GRIDFAILURE is effects-soaked and savage, with newest release Irritum attempting to “manifest the dispirited tones and unwelcoming surroundings of the act’s debut, Ensuring The Bloodline Ends Here.”

GRIDFAILURE’s Irritum utilizes its noise-driven dirges and unverving creepiness to full effect, unsettling tones somehow produced by guitars, bass, drums, keys, theremin, and harmonica. Not mentioned is the portal I’m sure he opened to that Hell dimension from Event Horizon. The full album will be available digitally February 23rd with a physical version to follow. Pre-order your copy on bandcamp.

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