Horror Equity Fund Releasing “White Knuckle” From “Near Dark” Creator Eric Red

Known for writing both genre classics Near Dark and The Hitcher, writer/director Eric Red is teaming up with the Horror Equity Fund to release a movie based on his novel of the same name, “White Knuckle.” According to the press release, “WHITE KNUCKLE tells a gripping story of female empowerment about a woman who survives an attack by a serial killer, and then takes it upon herself to stop him from hurting anyone else.”

Red will be directing White Knuckle, but this isn’t his first time behind the camera. He has also directed and wrote Body Parts and Bad Moon. He seems to know how to take a simple concept, like an anonymous hitchhiker, and make it truly horrifying so I’m excited to see what he can do here. Also, how can you not get behind a project helmed by the man who pretty much gave us one of Bill Paxton’s best roles as Severen in Near Dark.

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