NEW VIDEO! Melodic Death Metal Band The Absence Have Released A Video For “A Gift For The Obsessed”

Hailing from Florida, a land known for birthing death metal titans, The Absence continue the hair swinging tradition in fine form with a few melodic updates to the winning formula. Their new track does a great job of showcasing what The Absence does best, namely speedy but complicated riffs. It doesn’t hurt that vocalist Jamie Stewart has some truly throat rending screams to unleash overtop the aural madness his bandmates are creating.Of ht enew track Stewart had to say:

“‘A Gift for the Obsessed’ embodies many of the dynamics that THE ABSENCE stand for as a whole: melody, brutality, speed, dexterity, cadence, etc. — a truly comprehensive and cohesive listening experience indeed! The title of the album/song refers to that very moment when any artist or creator makes something to the integral point of satisfaction — when your craft meets your obsession in furious culmination, and you are finally able to take a step back, if only for just a moment, completely fulfilled by the fruits of your artistic labor. It‘s one of the most maddening yet needed satisfactions in life — exorcism through creation.”

There must have been some Pazuzu level demons if this is what was exorcised! You can pre-order the new album here and be sure to follow The Absence on facebook to stay updated


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