Grogged Up Gaming: Rigby Explains Metal Gear Solid Part 2 – Metal Gear

Rigby is back again to fill your Metal Gear knowledge needs, this time looking back at the OG daddy of the whole series, Metal Gear for the NES. I know I said last week that she was starting at the start but I too was confused by this convoluted timeline so we’ll take one step back in the timeline before jumping forward again. Sorta like the Time Warp, except Snake was there and he had an eyepatch. Anyways, enjoy Rigby’s attempt to unravel the ball of mystery that is the Metal Gear universe.



  • This one was weird and people forget about it constantly because it was only on the NES
    • but it’s somewhat important
  • Ok so FOXHOUND, which is a secret special forces unit send in their boy Gray Fox to infiltrate Outer Heaven
  • Which you may remember from previous games is just Big Bosses party barge of dudes
  • They lose contact with Gray Fox and get a final message that’s just “METAL GEAR” oh shit!
  • so they send some poor chump in there to get their boy back. Guess what. It’s SOLID SNAKE
  • Also Big Boss is running FOXHOUND and its weird
  • there’s a lot of confusing plot points because I think Konami didn’t know if they were going to make another one
  • Snake goes in and meets a bunch of randoms that help him but they don’t really matter
  • Outer Heaven wants to use a Metal Gear to take over the world because reasons(?)
  • Again, this is really weird because though this is the first game in the series, its conflicting with all the previous games ideologies and character development
  • Snake works his way through Outer Heaven and tries to get to the location of the Metal Gear to destroy it
    • ok this is weird so hold onto your hat
  • The Leader of Outer Heaven is…Big Boss, but its retroactively revealed to actually be Venom Snake which we found out at the end of Phantom Pain
  • So he’s gone nuts and wants to essentially rule the world? Which is very confusing because the real Big Boss is actually just super sad and tired all the time
  • But Big Boss sent Snake into Outer Heaven to defeat himself I guess??? Even though it would be easier to I guess just not send anyone in?? its really confusing
  • Snake kills Big Boss and the game ends
    • This is only important to mention because Konami thought this was going to be a one game deal, so I guess they had to explain why in later games Big Boss is still alive/a different person altogether
  • People usually think Metal Gear Solid is actually the first game, so I don’t think they needed to go to the extent of making a fake Big Boss in Phantom Pain
  • We would have all agreed to just forget about this game, its chill.



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