NEW ALBUM! Centuries To Release The Lights Of This Earth Are Blinding

I’m always searching for abrasive new music, but it can’t just be abrasive for abrasions sake; it needs to stand out from its hard to digest kin or else it’ll be forgotten in a week. Centuries, a band hailing from South Florida but featuring a worldwide membership, is one such band that stands apart. Blasting out crust influenced metallic hardcore isn’t exactly the newest thing on the block in 2018, but to make that assembly of influences coalesce is something distinct and recognizable as a product of a particular group of individuals is something most of these bands aren’t able to do.

Centuries have been working with Kris Hilbert (Catharsis, Torch Runner, The Body) and Brad Boatright (Integrity, Black Breath, Halshug) on recording and mastering so you already know they’re in good hands. The slab of metallic hardcore will be out January 26th via Southern Lord and Centuries are touring Europe in a few months with Portrayal of Guilt. Pre-order your copy here.

CENTURIES w/ Portrayal Of Guilt:
4//28/2018 Klex – Greifswald, DE
4/29/2018 Gothenburg – Sekten, SE
4/30/2018 Firestorm Fest – Stockholm, SE
5/01/2018 TBA – Malmö, SE
5/02/2018 TBA – Copenhagen, DK
5/03/2018 TBA – Hamburg, DE
5/04/2018 Utrecht Fest – Amsterdam, NL
5/05/2018 Privat – Cologne, DE
5/06/2018 Kavka – Antwerp, BE
5/07/2018 La Comedia Michelet – Paris, FR
5/08/2018 TBA – CH/FR
5/09/2018 Juha West – Stuttgart, DE
5/10/2018 TBA – Bielefeld/Weimar, DE
5/11/2018 Miss The Stars Fest – Berlin, DE


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