NEW ALBUM! Necropanther Releasing Old School Death Metal Dune Concept Album

Seems there’s a bunch of people jumping on the Dune bandwagon in metal these days, and I for one am into it. Necropanther are one of the most recent, whose new album Eyes Of Blue Light is themed around everyones favourite spice producing desert planet. Theming their music around science fiction is nothing new to the Colorado based death metal band, whose debut album saw them writing songs about Terminator.

I’m super into this whole concept (it doesnt hurt that the riffs are pretty catchy in what they’ve
shown in “Imperium Overture”) but imagine how much Frank Herbert, who famously did not approve of Iron Maidens tribute song “To Tame A Land” would not be.Pre-orders aren’t up yet for this one, but they will be shortly so follow Necropanther on facebook to keep up to date on that.


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