Psycho Las Vegas 2018 Announces Lineup For Pre-Fest Pool Party

image (1).png

You always need a bit of a party before the real party to limber up. That’s just smart partying. Yu wouldn’t want to stretch a party muscle after all. Psycho Las Vegas is looking out for you and your muscles, with a killer pre-fest pool party featuring some phenomenal bands. Top of that list for me is obviously Wolves in the Throne Room, but also playing the party will be Elder, Dengue Fever, Young and in the Way, Fireball Ministry and Toke. Now that’s a lineup to smoke to!

This year also see’s Psycho Las Vegas teaming up with legendary punk and metal artist Dirty Donny Gillies, who will be designing exclusive artwork for this years festival. Check out some of his art if you aren’t familiar, it’s psychedelic fearsomeness is sure to make your eyes bleed.

Grab tickets here!


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