New Video! Victim Path – “Faceless Nameless”

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Black metal from Belarus!

Victim Path has released a new video for track, “Faceless, Nameless” off their upcoming second album (they’re looking for a label, so label people check this out!).  Victim path began in 2009 with the release of demo album “In life we trust..”, which is an interesting title, since this band’s lyrical content centres primarily “misanthropy, pain, loneliness, religious dogma, and rule”.

The band’s first full length album “Surrounded by pain” came out in 2012 on Possession Records, and in this short amount of time, the band has shared the stage with acts like:  Shining, Vesania, Christ Agony, imperium dekadenz, Totalselfhatred, Lychgate, Raventale, BlackDeath, TeitanFyre, Arvet, and Khasm.

This new video is a DIY love endeavour that cobbles together standard black metal imagery with spooky stock footage and offers up the lyrics to “Faceless, nameless” over top.  The video is pretty rad and I liked the track, because it hovers more on the Alcest edge of black metal which I appreciate.

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