NEW! Sex Dumpster Releasing Album Lord Alcohol

It isn’t every day (or really, any day) you get to write the words “Sex Dumpster” and “Lord Alcohol” anywhere near each other, let alone in the same sentence. Today is that fateful day. Sex Dumpster create a vile mix of black metal and punk rock of the most nihilistic kind and are poised to release their new album Lord Alcohol this February. If the track that they’ve released is any indication, it’ll be a solid listen but will probably a four drink minimum for it to really shine. Gotta praise the lord of the alcohol after all.

Lord Alcohol will be out February 9th. Keep an eye on their facebook for where exactly you can grab it when it crawls out from whatever hole it’s hiding in.

PS – what the hell is a sex dumpster? A dumpster you bang in? Does the dumpster bang you? So many questions, so little time.


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