NEW! Death-Doom Outfit Ilsa Releasing New Album Corpse Fortress And Preview Track Hikikomori

Touting the new album as “the perfect soundtrack for the initiated miscreants of this rapidly dying orb,” I’m inclined to agree if the new track Hikikomori is what we have to go off of. Ilsa crusty approach to death metal tinged doom has been going strong for a decade now, spewing horror obsessed rancid music into the underground. As with previous releases, Corpse Fortress (which sounds like something a Khorne Berserker would live in, just saying) again features the detailed black and white art from Joshy Brettell (drummer for hardcore outfit Integrity) that’s kind of a signature of the band at this point. This albums cover art has an “finely wrought but horrendous to behold iron maiden filled with spikes and pain” sorta vibe that I’m digging.

Corpse Fortress will be out March 2nd, but check out a track, Hikikomori, off the new album below and follow Ilsa on their grimy adventures on facebook,twitter and instagram.


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