Endorphins Lost / Osk split 7″

Who doesn’t need a blast of crusty powerviolence to kick in the new year? Popwerviolence and old school black metal are really some of the most accurate auditory comparirons to th ebrutal winter winds that whip around our part of the cournty this time of year. Thankfully Endorphins Lost and Osk have released a one such blast in the form of their split 7″.

The split is a very quick, under 10 minute affair, with the Endorphoins Lost half coming first. “Mercy for One” is the standout song for Endorphions Lost, their hardcore-style vocals mixed with a riff made for destroying things at your local greasy house show. “Prisoner’s Dilemma is a close second, and then you have all your usual power violence/grind 12 second gems that have that same house party distruction feel, but just a taste of it. I tend to prefer my riffs really pounded into my brain for at least 30 seconds, but they’re all pretty brutal regardless so I’ll take what I can get.

Osk’s three tracks all clock in around a minute and a half, are a bit crustier than Endorphins Lost’s contributions, and feel a bit more cohesive than the previous tracks. I know cohesiveness isn’t really something you go to powerviolence for, but this sounds like a band with a bit more definition to their chaos. Tracks like “Let’s Play A House Show” feature some particularly frantic vocals over drum work any war metal band would kill to have.

The Endorphins Lost/Osk split will be available from a whole slew of underground labels February 2nd – Rotten To The Core Records, Delusions Of Terror Records, Agromosh Records, You All Die Records (who I couldn’t locate on social media because they’re at least 10 meters underground), and New Age Pyrate Punks Records.

Follow Endorphins Lost on Facebook for more power, more violence and much more screaming. Osk are too far underground to be found on social media; Check your local punk house.


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