NEW VIDEO! Nu-metal And Flapjacks As Dirty Machine Films Video Inside IHOP

I bet I know one thing you didn’t know you needed to take a peek at right before the year ends, and it begins with nu-metal and ends in an IHOP. Dirty Machine, sounding like they hopped in a time machine immediately after getting offstage at Ozzfest 2004, decided that their new video should combine down-tuned guitars and pancakes and filmed it in a local IHOP restaurant, complete with a sometimes confused looking crowd. If nothing else, it made me watch the video so that’s something right?

Like I said, the boys in Dirty Machine sound and look like they were playing a side-stage at Ozzfest 2004 before heading to the local IHOP for some food, coming complete with weird masks, a DJ and saggy pants. Oh and the guitarist, who also does clean vocals (what early aughts nu-metal band would be complete without?), looks like Jimmy Kimmel so watch for that. They recently hooked up with Zombie Shark Records this year which I’m sure will result in them getting in front of a bunch more eyes, so watch out for them in your local pancakeries.


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